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In this guide, we will show you how to setup Metamask Wallet for Polygon Network.

Setting up your wallet


First up, you’ll need a wallet to store your crypto and NFTs. We recommend using Google Chrome and installing the MetaMask wallet extension. They also have an app for mobile users . Here are the MetaMask FAQs for reference!


Install the Metamask Extension from the Store

Visit the browser extension marketplace and download the MetaMask extension.

Create a MetaMask Wallet or Import One

I’d suggest creating a new one if you haven’t done so.

Click import wallet if you have an existing wallet.

Setup your password and secret recovery phrase somewhere safe.

Setup MetaMask to connect to POLYGON(Matic) Network

Switch the connected blockchain by clicking on the tab saying Main Ethereum Network, we need to add the Matic network.

Scroll down until you find Custom RPC or ADD NETWORK

Enter in the Polygon/Matic Mainnet settings as follows:

Using is most recommended as it aggregates multiple RPC URLs! See below for more information.

Click Save.

You have now connected to the Polygon / Matic mainnet with your Metamask Wallet!

Transactions on the Polygon network requires its native token MATIC which will be used as gas fee.

Many users enjoy using Polygon for its extremely low gas fees, with transaction fees cheaper than $0.001 and rapid transaction speeds.

FUND your Wallet

Now Send some MATIC (polygon) from your exchange account like Binance or Coinbase to your wallet Metamask address you just made. Your address is in the middle under your Account1 ( should look something like 0x5e…5924) 

And now you all ready to use your metamask to buy on opensea or mint on our minting page. 

Your Metamask Wallet also act as your login account for many of the websites in the cryptospace . Just becareful of which website you let connect to your wallet. As a safety precaution , always log out and lock your metamask before you browse another page.


 User safety

Cryptocurrencies and blockchains offer many benefits but it’s important to do your research on how to safely store funds and digital items before you dive in. The crypto and NFTs in your wallet are your responsibility. Never share your password or seed phrase with anyone.


How to View NFT in MetaMask

Open your Metamask App and select
1. NFTs on the bottom right
2. select the import NFTs

Add Address of VscaNFT in the box


and add your token ID . 

If you dont know your Token ID 

1. Goto your menu and press View on Polygonscan

2. On Polygonscan Page , scroll down untill you see transactions.

   1a Click on the ERC-721 Token Txns Tab

   2a Underneath that, scroll to the left , and on the right you should be able to see your Token ID 


We welcome you the wonderful new world of NFT and Vscarlet Metaverse. Enjoy the ride !!!

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Love you all . See you in the metaverse.